Signs You’re Entering an Abusive Relationship

I'm sure you've been witness to an abusive relationship, or maybe have experienced it first-hand. Looking back you're probably wondering what the warning signs were. In this article, I will describe the major signs of a relationship forming into abuse. An abusive relationship usually starts with psychological manipulation and isolation. Then with time, it becomes physical,... Continue Reading →

Relationships: Unintentionally Losing Desire

In an ideal relationship, how emotionally involved and supportive would you want your partner to be?  Would you consider them as your best friend? Many people say that their perfect romantic relationship involves supporting and growing old with their best friend. The media portrays this concept very well. Even the most well-known romantic movies are governed by this... Continue Reading →

Relationships (Staying Vs. Leaving)

This is a difficult decision that we may have to face from time to time. We always talk about falling in love, but it's rare to talk about falling out of love. This situation is the most painful and confusing. You may be thinking, Am I wasting my time in my relationship? or Why can't... Continue Reading →

Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Have you ever felt like your relationship is beginning to define you? In many relationships, we forget who we were without our partner. We morph into a single person. If you feel like you've lost your identity in your relationship. Here are a few ways to get it back: Go Out With Friends More. Although you and... Continue Reading →

What You Learned In Sex Ed…

Imagine you're back in high school and your sitting in your health classroom. The topic is about sex and contraception. Do you remember what your teacher said? The best way to prevent pregnancy is through abstinence. That word, abstinence, is such an overrated term. It basically means that we as sexual beings must repress our... Continue Reading →

Accidentally Falling in Love

Why do people in a FWB relationship tend to fall in love? Sex is just sex. Think again. I'm sure you've taken a biology course or have heard of hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. There are many hormones involved in sex, but these are the three main hormones I'll be introducing today. They... Continue Reading →

Waiting Until Before Marriage

Think back to when you were 20-years-old. Twenty-something's tend to enjoy life while trying to find an identity. What happens after that amazing decade? Things get a bit more serious. Friends begin to settle down and have kids. You feel like you should do the same. You grab the first decent person in your 30's... Continue Reading →

Are Fetishes Normal?

Live by the rule that all sex is acceptable, as long as it's consensual and harm-free. That being said, fetishes are not unusual. According to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, an item of clothing, part of the body,... Continue Reading →

When They Don’t Respond

Imagine you and your SO have been dating for a month. The honeymoon stage is taking over your life. You're texting and calling each other every day. You can't stop thinking about them wherever you go. Let's say you messaged your SO one morning, How are you? This is a very simple and polite gesture, but... Continue Reading →

I’m “obsessed” with you

The first few months of any relationship is beautiful, intimidating, and hormonal. We become so infatuated with someone that we talk and think about them when they're not around. The obsession gets so unbearable we believe we need to resort to the highest form of gratitude. love Although love can be beautiful it is also... Continue Reading →

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