Why We Don’t Like Condoms…

Imagine that you just went on an amazing date with someone you’ve been seeing for a while. At the end of the night they request you come inside their apartment for a drink *wink wink*. Obviously things start getting hot and heavy. You both consent to having sex. Do you:

A) Stop to get a condom

B) Wait until the other person brings it up

C) Hope no one mentions protection

Why do we perceive condom usage as unsexy? Maybe because it disrupts the flow of intimacy, but we should make it part of our sexual practice.

Sex Without Condoms

Our bodies prefer sex to be natural. Although this is true we need to consider the consequences of unprotected sex. I’m not going to be your health teacher and talk about STD/STI’s and AIDS. I’m going to talk about children.

Unplanned Pregnancy

According to Children’s Bureau 415,129 children were recorded in the foster system in 2014. Although this study was conducted three years ago we can see the elephant in the room. I’m not saying all foster children are produced from unplanned pregnancy, but with poor family planning and unprotected sex this is what we are dealing with.

Having Fun

Let’s come back to the fun stuff. How can we make condom usage part of our sexual practice. Sex is about exploring our bodies with another person. It should be fun and exciting. Here are some tips to shake up your sex life with contraception:

Japanes_2__39846.1386889353.500.750.jpgBuy a variety pack of condoms. Have you only just been using one type of condom with your SO? Go ahead and experiment with other brands through a variety pack. Most packs are online for $17 (more or less) and they usually have a dozen different condoms. Maybe the two of you can have something to look forward to every night by experimenting.

Don’t stop. Some couples continue to create intimate gestures when putting on the condom. Keep in mind that putting on the condom should be done with hands only (i.e no teeth). Overall, instead of awkwardly stopping to put on the condom make it a part of your foreplay.

condom-dogs.jpgMake condom balloons. This is not serious advice for protected sex, but its fun!

Sex is a natural part of our lives, but unplanned pregnancy is not a fun experience. If you are planning to have children or aren’t sure I recommend reading my post: Are We Having Children For The Right Reasons?

Need a refresher on how to use a condom effectively, click here.

Happy Sexing 😉

-A. Waver

P.S Sorry this was only centered around heterosexual and homosexual(male) couples. I’ll try posting about LGBTQ couples too.


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