When They Don’t Respond

Imagine you and your SO have been dating for a month. The honeymoon stage is taking over your life. You’re texting and calling each other every day. You can’t stop thinking about them wherever you go. Let’s say you messaged your SO one morning, How are you? This is a very simple and polite gesture, but ten minutes pass and there’s no response. A few hours pass and you check your phone again, no response. Now you’re worried. Is he/she mad at me? 

If you’ve ever experienced this before you have encountered a form of text anxiety.

Text Anxiety doesn’t just refer to text message, it refers to anxiety from any form of virtual communication (i.e facebook). 

Go to a crowded place and take a minute to look around. How many people are on their phones?

Because mobile devices are a necessity in this day and age we use most of our communication through them. It’s completely natural to feel anxious about someone not responding. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t take over your life.

If your SO is not responding to a message you’ve sent them, don’t panic. Honestly, he/she is probably just busy or asleep. If someone dislikes you for something there’s not much you can do if you don’t know.

Tips To Calm Your Text Anxiety

Keep Yourself Busy. This might be easier said than done, but make a list of things you need to get done today. Put your phone down for a few hours and make time for yourself. If your SO can do it, so can you. Being busy also gives your SO time to miss you.

Turn Off Your Phone. Don’t become a text hog. This means that you panic so much that you send 3 or more texts in five minutes. Your SO will probably think you’re needy, and that’s not attractive. If the anxiety is truly eating you up, the last resort is to turn off your phone. If you’re on a computer, only go on sites that prohibit communication with your SO. This will give you time to calm yourself.

Have a conversation. Eventually, you will talk to them again. If you’re worried about your SO being upset with you, and you haven’t seen them get upset, have a phone or face to face conversation about it. Communicate with this person about what they do in tough situations. Take this conversation into account when you feel anxious about doing something wrong via text.

Stop Texting. Miscommunication through texting is where most of our problems are. If you can’t physically see someone, call them on the phone. We are social creatures, but we are meant to communicate by encoding body language and vocal tone.

It’s okay for someone to be busy, but more importantly, it’s better to avoid anxiety over something. You will talk to this person again later. If there is an important conversation to be had it will be. Maintain a comfortable space for you and your partner to communicate your feelings. If all these are set in place then there’s no reason to feel anxious. Always remember to take care of yourself before you take care of anyone else.

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