What You Learned In Sex Ed…

Imagine you’re back in high school and your sitting in your health classroom. The topic is about sex and contraception. Do you remember what your teacher said? The best way to prevent pregnancy is through abstinence.

That word, abstinence, is such an overrated term. It basically means that we as sexual beings must repress our sexual desire to compensate for societies negativity toward sex. This is utterly ridiculous.

Sex is a huge part of our lives. repressing it would be like saying “The best way to not gain weight is to avoid eating” It’s stupid.

Schools should recognize that teenagers and adults are going to encounter sex many times in their life. The best thing we can do is prepare them for realistic prevention; such as condoms, spermicides, and hormonal birth control for women.

This type of sexual education has been spreading through the country. It’s called comprehensive sex education. This education not only gives light to effective contraception or birth control, but it gives light to healthy and toxic relationships.

I’m sure many of you have been or seen someone in an abusive relationship. If we had a better sexual health education this may not be much of an issue.

As parents, teachers, and adults we should avoid teaching our kids about abstinence and start teaching them about realistic outcomes of sexual health.

Here is how we can teach comprehensive sex:

Be realistic. Instead of denying that teenagers will have sex, recognize the realistic situation. The best thing you can do to prevent teen pregnancy is by giving proper information on birth contraception.

Plan ahead. Instead of waiting until a child becomes a teenager to talk about sex. Gradually talk about sex and its risks and rewards. this will bring open communication and less risk for impulsive or irrational behavior when the teenager has sex.

Stop saying sex is bad. I’m sure we all grew u with people tellingus that sex is bad, but trly we should stop that cycle. Sex is not bad as long as there is consent and open lines of communication. I know its easier said than done, but it would be better to inform children on what sex is before you enter that stage. Imagine someone not teaching you how to read until you decide you want to read a book. It’s difficult and unproductive. Prepare before you get there.

Argue. Most of the education plans, especially involving sex is monitered by the government. Congress has funded many abstinance free programs, and most of the children that have to attend these lessons have a higher risk of teen pregnancy. This is because no one is teaching them about contreception. The educators assume that teenagers will never have sex. Argue with anyone you think is wrong and support your arguments with empirical evidence.

Overall, we need to stop being afraid of sex , not only in the bedroom but in the classroom. If you are a parent consider using these techniques to invest in your child’s relationships in the future.

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