Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Have you ever felt like your relationship is beginning to define you? In many relationships, we forget who we were without our partner. We morph into a single person. If you feel like you’ve lost your identity in your relationship. Here are a few ways to get it back:

Go Out With Friends More. Although you and your partner are best friends you should live alone a bit. Go out to the bar or the club with friends. Explain to your partner that you just need a night alone. During this time you can be free to focus on yourself.

Turn off your phone. Tell your significant other that you’ll be busy all day. Turn your phone off and do something for yourself. Phones put a lot of pressure on us being immediately available to people at all times. Take the pressure off your hands for a couple of hours.

Take Yourself Out On a Date. I don’t mean go to lunch alone, I mean really take yourself out. Have you ever tried treating yourself to dinner and a movie? Dress up and explore the world by yourself. It may seem embarrassing and scary at first, but it is completely normal.

Plan a vacation without your partner. Head out of town with some friends or by yourself and explore. You don’t need your partner for everything. Maybe take a weekend off and get an Airbnb in New York City and go on an adventure.

Although it seems like we’re eliminating your partner, it’s actually the opposite. You are taking time for yourself to benefit the relationship. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Attraction begins to develop when there’s a spark of mystery or adventure. 

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